All About Food on Easter Island

Apparently, ceviche (pictured above) is a popular dish on Easter Island. But I’m not sure what type of fish they use, so that freaked me out a little. I like sushi, but I usually only get raw tuna or salmon. This is the ceviche I ordered my first day on Easter Island. It was so much food! I ate some of the ceviche – I’m not a fan, but it was good. And I ate the sweet potatoes and salad and rice.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, there is not a McDonald’s there. No chain restaurants, no Starbucks. I know. It was hard to survive for 10 days there. I ended up living off of Pringles and Oreos – the Oreos tasted really good there for some reason.

I was not a fan of the food from the restaurants. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for what they all served. The best meal I had was a skewer or grilled shrimp that I had at Anakena Beach. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I did get a picture of my Pina colada. (It was not the best I’d ever had – it was very watery).

I found a place that served pizza and pasta and ate there a couple times. It was ok, but the pizzas were too big for me to finish, and I didn’t have a way to take it back with me to heat up later. Here’s a pic of the spaghetti I ordered. It was very plain tasting and did not have a lot of flavor.

I found an Asian place during my final days there and ate there a couple of times. The food had a lot of flavor and was filling, since I was only eating one meal a day. In the first picture, you can see my fresh berry juice. It was super yummy. This dish was called Carne Mongoliana.

The above dish was a Peruvian dish at the Asian/Thai place called Lomo Saltado. It was pretty good. I had to ask for ketchup for my fries, which they always brought out in packets, and they never brought enough. I guess Chileans don’t eat ketchup with their papas fritas like we do in America.

All of the food was not cheap. I ended up paying around $20USD every time I went out to eat. Another reason Pringles and Oreos were a good option (I also ate ice cream almost every day!

I’m not sure if you will enjoy the food on Easter Island if you’re a foodie. I could not wait to get back to American food and food that I was used to eating.

I noticed that restaurants are very relaxed over there. It would take about 2 hours for me to dine. First, it would take forever for a server to acknowledge me and take my order. Then, it would take forever for the food to come out and it would take forever for the server to come back to the table and I always had to ask for the check.

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