Food in Antarctica…Rather, Food on an Expedition Cruise

Above is an example of what our nightly dinner menu looked like on our Quark Expedition Cruise. There was always a great variety of international dishes and some basics were always available like grilled chicken breast and New York sirloin steak.

For breakfast every day, we had a buffet that had everything from beans to omelettes to muesli. For lunch every day, we had a buffet that had a variety of international foods and so much fruit. I think I ate more honeydew melon on the cruise than I ever have in my life, but it was so good!!!!!!

Below are some of the appetizers we had from French onion soup to potato leek soup. All were yummy.

Below are some of the entrees we had. Don’t be fooled by the steak. it looked good, but have you seen that SNL sketch about Lisa from Temecula and the steak? It was that exact scenario. I couldn’t cut my steak! I even tried someone else’s knife. It was just a bad cut of steak or the knives were dull. LOL. It was super funny, though. One of my favorite dishes was the Indian dish, Punjabi Eggplant Bharat, in the first photo below. I think our chef was Indian, so he had some amazing options on the menu.

For dessert, unless there was creme brûlée, I usually ordered ice cream. My whole table had this thing for ice cream. maybe it was just a good pallet cleanser after the meal. Here is a picture of the fruit option as dessert.

That honeydew melon, man, was soooooooo good!!!

There were a couple nights where the dish just didn’t fill us up that we ordered, so we ordered seconds and split it up among the table. LOL! Or there were times we couldn’t make up our mind, so we would order an extra dish for the table so everyone got a chance to try that particular menu item.

I never went hungry on the cruise, and I didn’t gain any weight either. It was just the right amount of food and control…and honeydew melon.

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