“I take to the open road. Healthy, free, the world before me.” Walt Whitman.

Hello, I’m Kimby aka Single Female Travelista!

Traveling is my passion in life. I just returned from Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, and Easter Island. Follow me!

Food in Antarctica…Rather, Food on an Expedition Cruise

Above is an example of what our nightly dinner menu looked like on our Quark Expedition Cruise. There was always a great variety of international dishes and some basics were always available like grilled chicken breast and New York sirloin steak. For breakfast every day, we had a buffet that had everything from beans to…

Getting To and From Easter Island

You’ve booked your trip from Santiago, Chile to Easter Island, now what? Two weeks before my trip, I went online and filled out the FUI form that is required for Easter Island. Well, that did me no good because I had no proof to show the airline attendant when I was checking in to my…

All About Food on Easter Island

Apparently, ceviche (pictured above) is a popular dish on Easter Island. But I’m not sure what type of fish they use, so that freaked me out a little. I like sushi, but I usually only get raw tuna or salmon. This is the ceviche I ordered my first day on Easter Island. It was so…

Ancient Bird Man Competition on Easter Island and Fresh Guava

As recently as 1867 there was a bird man competition on Easter Island. The competition took place for several hundred years. The purpose of the competition was to crown the new king but in order to do that you had to prove yourself worthy. The competition consisted of 36 men and started at Orongo, a…



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