Happy World Penguin Day!

I will celebrate today by featuring penguins of Antarctica! We saw Gentoo, Chinstrap, and Adelie.

Our first stop was on South Shetland Islands where we saw tons of penguins. This island did not have much snow on it yet.

We had to be careful around the penguin colonies. We weren’t allowed to set down any of our bags or equipment due to the threat of bird flu. We even had to clean our boots before we got off of the ship and when we got back on to eliminate the bird flu hazard. We also did not want to disturb the penguins on their natural habitat. So if they were approaching us, we walked away to keep a large distance between us.

Can you count the number of penguins in this photo?
And how many are in this photo?
And how many are in this photo? Just kidding.

Happy World Penguin Day to all you penguin and wildlife lovers! Penguins made my trip to Antarctica complete!!!

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