Where the Heck Is Ushuaia and How Do I Get There?

Ushuaia is at the southern most tip of Argentina in South America. It is from where most Antarctic expedition cruises depart.

It was pretty easy to get there. It just took FOREVER. My cruise with Quark Expeditions left out of Ushuaia in Argentina..

I flew Delta from Orlando to Atlanta (quick layover and almost missed my flight) to Buenos Aires (EZE airport). From EZE, you have to get to AEP, another airport. Although, EZE does have some flights to Ushuaia. For some reason, the AEP route is the way everyone goes. Maybe there is more flight availability from AEP. Also, when. you book your flights through Aerolineas Argentinas airlines, keep an eye on all of your arrival and departure times and information. Mine changed from what I originally booked, and I had to call the office in Miami to get my flights changed back to what I had originally booked. So keep an eye on that!

Once I landed in Buenos Aires, I followed travel advice I had seen on another fb page. After clearing customs, you walk through automatic doors and see a huge orange lion on a sign. That is Tienda Leone – a transportation company. I went straight to their desk and exchanged some money into pesos and asked for a shuttle bus to AEP airport. They knew what I needed, processed my ticket, and gave me directions to get to the bus, which is outside of the terminal. As soon as you exit the terminal, you cross the street, and then make a left at the breezeway. The buses were not clearly marked, and Tienda Leone has different services, so I had to ask to make sure I was getting on the correct bus. The bus is like a full-size coach, so they store your bags in the bottom. The trip on the bus was not that long. Maybe 45 minutes and I got to see Buenos Aires during my ride to AEP, although some people on the bus, having just come from long flights, opted to sleep. The first stop that was made was a bus terminal for Tienda Leone and it was near a Hard Rock Cafe, I remember. I stayed on the bus and the next stop was AEP airport. The airport stop was pretty obvious when we got there, you could see signs for flight departures and arrivals so you knew you were at the airport. It drops you off a few hundred yards from the entrance to the airport so be prepared to walk with your luggage. AEP is also a long airport so there is a lot of walking to get to your flight.

I had plenty of time to spare as my EZE flight arrived around 9:30am and my AEP flight was later in the afternoon, so I enjoyed the food court for a while after I checked in for my AEP flight to USH (Ushuaia). Security was not a long line when I went through. Everyone speaks Spanish – hardly any English, I found out.

My flight to USH was about 6 hours long. You would think it would be shorter but Argentina is a LONG country!

We landed in Ushuaia around 10pm at night. The airport is very small, so nothing took very long there. There is a taxi stand outside, and there is lots of activity going on when you exit the building. Taxis, shuttles, pick ups, etc. Make sure you talk to the taxi stand or the person running the taxis, and they will get you into a taxi and on your way immediately. At least, that was the case for me. Everyone else was waiting around but I got into a waiting taxi right away. There are no ride share services like Uber or Lyft, so taxi is the way to go.

I was extremely exhausted by the time I got to Ushuaia, and was able to have a nice sleep until the next morning when I went out to explore the small town.

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